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From the place we call home

Rusted Revolver Gin: Little Water Distillery Atlantic City, NJ

Unearthed on the grounds of our distillery during construction, the revolver displayed prominently on the label and mounted in our tasting room inspired this gin recipe in so many ways. Discover, like we did, our RUSTED REVOLVER..., a careful selection of 16 exotic and indigenous botanicals rooted in the very region we call home.


Crafted w/ Quality

Distilled using a pot & column distillation process, Rusted Revolver Indigenous Gin is produced from a 100% French Wheat distillate and infused using our custom gin basket

80 Proof

Most gins are between 70 and 100 proof.  We believe 80 proof hits a real sweet spot for our unique blend of botanicals to truly shine.


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