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An uncommonly smooth American whiskey at 90 proof, WHITECAP drinks like no other.  Developed for the cocktail world but enjoyable on its own, this blend of sweet corn, wheat and rye enhances any recipe but truly makes its mark in a classic Old Fashioned.  Enjoy it any way you like, but enjoy it!

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We travel to quality.

From the snow covered mountains of Appalachia to Atlantic City's white capped shores, this handcrafted spirit has made a unique journey to combine southern whiskey pedigree with a minimum of 24 months aging in once used Bourbon barrels. Through a collaboration with our partner and friends at Davis Valley Distillery in southwestern Virginia, we bring you Whitecap Whiskey.

With a balance of 60% Estate-Grown Sweet Corn, 20% Rye and 20% Wheat, our Whitecap Whiskey makes a real impression anytime you sip it. 

Whitecap Old Fashioned

The perfect Old-Fashioned

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What happens when you create a Classic American cocktail from Whitecap Whiskey, homemade orange & aromatic bitters, & distillery simple syrup and lay it all to rest in premium oak barrels? Our Whitecap Old Fashioned Cocktail, a tasting room favorite since our inception in 2016. Available in bottle to enjoy anytime the spirt moves you! Simply stir over ice, strain into a rocks glass, and garnish with a fresh orange peel.


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